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Thursday, August 27, 2009
Lighten up, Francis

James Joyner writes today about a joke told by General David Petraeus at the Air Force's expense. As James puts it, some unidentified ponytailed desk jockey at the Air Force Association got his panties in a bunch and fired out a stern whine about the "offensiveness and un-jointness of [Gen Petraeus's] comments."

All I can say is...puh-leeze!

It sure looks to me like the writer of that Air Force Association piece never spent much time in a true joint environment. We rag on each other all the time. Soldiers are stupid, Marines are even more stupid (yes, it may sound impossible, but it's true), sailors are lazy with questionable sexual habits, and the Air Force is routinely called "civilians in uniform." It's what we do, Francis. Lighten up.

On the other hand, let somebody who hasn't "done their time" try to rag on someone in another service, and we'll swarm 'em like the Chinese Army. We've earned the right to rib each other. We're brothers-in-arms (and yes, our sisters are also brothers deal with it). We get to rib each other, but it's knock-down drag-out time if an outsider presumes to join in the banter. They haven't earned the right.

So run to the ladies room and straighten out your undergarments, Francis. And while you're at it, figure out if you're quite ready to join your military brethren in real life.


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