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Friday, July 06, 2007
Yes, my Iraqi friends, we really do want you to succeed

Michael Yon continues to report the truth on the ground from Iraq. Michael consistently tells us more about what's going on in Iraq than all of the traditional journalists there combined. It's a lot of useful information that most Americans just don't hear, because the media they usually read and hear just don't tell them about it.

But here's my favorite part of this piece, buried in the middle:

...when they consider the Americans who actually deal with Iraqis every day, the Iraqis can no longer deny that we really do want them to succeed. But we want them to succeed without us. We want to see their streets are clean and safe, their grass is green, and their birds are singing. We want to see that on television. Not in person. We donít want to be here. We tell them that every day. It finally has settled in that we are telling the truth.

Yes, sadiqiyun, we are telling the truth.



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